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Our values are identified by the quality labels which we choose to be associated.


We are independent wine maker 


Vignerons Indépendants

The independent wine maker logo symbolizes our profession, and provides a reference for you as a wine lover.

Only independent wine makers who sign and respect the charter can feature this logo.

Embracing the rich variety of french wines and our individual personalities as independent wine makers, this logo embodies our dedication to expressing our unique asset: wisdom about wine.


Take your time and share the passions of independent wine makers.

Whether you visit their cellars or meet them on other occasions, come and find out about their wines and cognacs...

Independent wine makers are demanding and always want to offer you the best!

As responsible professionals, they sign their name on each label. And using the independent wine maker label commits them to a professional charter.

They are professionals who respect the environment, their "terroir", and their wine...

And independent wine makers offer you something more -practical wisdom about wine.

Line Sauvant Vigneron indépendant Famille GUILLON

Charter of the independent wine maker.

  • He respects his terroir
  • He cultivates his vineyard
  • He harvest the grapes
  • He vinifies his own wine
  • He produces his cognac
  • He bottle his wine in his private cellar
  • He sells his wine
  • He perpetuates tradition
  • He is happy to welcome you, to give you advice about wine tasting and introduce you to his production.


We are recognised as a High Environmental Value estate.

             Logo Haute Valeur Environnementale

We are part of the first estates of our region to obtain this certification (3rd level 'HVE' certification).

This certification is a proof of our commitment to:

- Environment,

- Biodiversity,

- Alternative viticultural practices,

- using natural fertilizers...

It recognizes our environmental initiatives in the estate, ie management of our wine effluents treatment, and waste. 

This area we cultivate with passion, is also yours... respect it all together.


We are affiliated to "Welcome to the farm" 

Bienvenue à la ferme

Being a farmer affiliated to 'Bienvenue à la Ferme', means to always welcome you with pleasure. Being affiliated also means commitment to quality, regarding our products and touristic service.


We are affiliated to ' Vignoble et découverte', 



The main objective of the "Vineyards  and Discoveries" label is to improve awareness of wine destinations in order to appeal to new clientele. Visibility, awareness and clarity are the "key words" of this label.

We are ready to welcome you with services and facilities that have been carefully selected to help you make the most of your visits and short stays.

Local providers with this label have made a commitment to fulfil a number of requirements: quality visitor reception, facilities in French or another language, specialist knowledge of the world of wine, a passion for sharing this knowledge, authenticity and an interest in natural, cultural and human heritage.

Cellars open to public and other services: Cognac area offers a wealth of interesting sites, activities and events to help you discover its rich culture and specialist knowledge!

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