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Cognac of Grande Champagne


The terroir : The Grande Champagne, 1st Cru of Cognac, is famous for its fine and powerful eaux-de-vie, the mark of a land rich in limestone, synonymous with quality for long ageing. The estate lies in the heart of this exceptional area.


Cognac delimited area


Vines and Harvest

We work the vines in the traditional way, we cultivate the soil and maintain the vineyard in a way that respects the cultural traditions of our ancestors.

The grape variety used on the estate for the production of Cognac is the Ugni Blanc. The grape harvest for wine to produce Cognac takes place at the end of September. Fermentation is very fast and the wine will be quickly stored away from the air.





The entire harvest is distilled on the estate. During the winter, two pot stills work for nearly 8 weeks, 24 hours a day.

The 1970 still is used to distill the wine in the first chauffe, or pass, to obtain the brouillis. The first distillate at a strengh of 30% volume. It will be distilled a second time.

The 1914 pot still, utilised by our great grandfather, has a small capicity. It's used for the bonnes-chauffes (second distillation). The two pot stills work night and day, we tale care to distill and select the coeur de chauffe, the heart of the distillate : Cognac's eau-de-vie, at a strengh of almost 70% volume, destined for ageing..




Ageing process


The eau-de-vie will only age in barrels made from oak from the Limousin and Tronçais forest. It's an essential part in the quality of ageing. Thanks to evaporation and oxidation, the eau-de-vie will mellow and take on its colour.

Starting off in new barrels, the eau-de-vie will continue its ageing in older barrels, called fûts roux or red casks. Only time can attenuate the intensity of alcohol; patience... Over a hundred barrels have been waiting patiently for years.

Smell the air... The angel's share evaporates little by little. The wall of the storehouses gradually blacken... We wait for at least 5 years to offer you our youngest Cognac.




In order to sell Cognac, the eaux-de-vie will be blended and prepared thanks to the know-how passed down from generation to generation...

The range of Cognacs from the estate can be broken down depending on their length of ageing. All our Cognacs are, of course, produced in our Grande Champagne vineyard, aged on the estate and blended for our customers.

Our commitment in signing the Independent Winegrowers' Charter confirms the respect of our terroir, our know-how and the marketing of our own production exclusively.


We propose five Grande Champagne Cognac :

VSOP, Réserve, Vieille Réserve, Hors Age et Renaissance.





Cognac VSOP

This is then youngest of our Cognacs.

Nevertheless it has already aged sufficiently to show all the qualities of the soil: it's strength and fruitiness.

It has an elegant and balanced first fragrance.






COGNAC RESERVE de Grande Champagne

Cognac Reserve

The Cognac Reserve has attained a subtle and discreet balanced.

Its aroma reveals all the secrets of its smouthness that you will find in the mouth. Its strength is present but sophisticated.

The soil of Grande Champagne clearly marks the floral dominance.


Cognac Vieille Réserve

Our Cognac Vieille Reserve justifies our patience in leaving our Cognac of Grande Champagne to age longer.

Full, sophisticated and complex, you will appreciate its delicate bouquet and the balanced hamony between the fruitiness of our eaux-de-vie and the alchemy of our indispensable partner : oak wood.

The Vieille Reserve is a pleasurable Cognac to taste.


Cognac Hors d'Age

The name of our Cognac Hors d'Age was not choosen by chance.. Our patience in ageing this very old Cognac would almost make us forget how old it is... It refers back to the previous generation. This Cognac Hors d'Age has been ageing on our estate for many long years.

This Cognac has made a significant contribution to the Angel's share. The Cognac Hors d'Age is mellow and light. Notes of candied fruit result from its long ageing and its length in the mouth will be unforgettable. The oak is present and refined. Cognac Hors d'Age is available in 2 presentations, but the Cognac remains the same, only the bottle changes : 35cl and 70 cl.



COGNAC RENAISSANCE de Grande Champagne

Cognac Renaissance

A generation of work...

Cognac Renaissance is not a matter of chance, just a touch of know-how of previous generations and a great deal of patience...
But, you will not forget its lengh in the mouth and its smoothness which confirm that Grande Champagne is much more than a type of soil

Taste it with friends or on a more romantic occasion.



COGNAC MEMOIRES de Grande Champagne

Memoires Cognac Guillon Painturaud Grande champagne
This treasure of our Guillon-Painturaud family reserve, a Cognac of Grande Champagne from our estate, marks a transmission of know-how from Grandfather to Grandson in 1965.
Actor and witness, "Mémoires" draws on the memories and aromas at the very heart of our estate, the oak of our reserve and the patience of generations.

Nothing is written, everything is distilled and savoured. It's up to you to draw out the History and the commitment, unwavering despite long decades of ageing.




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