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Pineau des Charentes : a delicious combination

Pineau des Charentes is a subtle mixture of exceptional eau-de-vie and high quality grape juice. Grande Champagne Cognac also brings  great finesse to Pineau des Charentes. Indeed, it's a blend of Cognac 1st Cru eau-de-vie and grape juice from the estate.


The Terroir / soil

The old vines on the estate are chosen for Pineau des Charentes. From the first winter mornings, the vines are pruned hard so as to limit the yield in the parcels to be used for grape juice, or must. The early vines will be pruned late in order to limit the damage caused by any early frost.

No Pineau des Charentes without a passionate winegrower...


Vines and harvest

The vines are worked in the traditionnal manner. The various Pineau des Charentes are offered according to their grape varieties : 
- Pineau Blanc made with white grapes : Ugni Blanc and Semillion
- Pineau Rosé made with red grapes : Merlot and Cabernet Franc
Harvest is traditionally done by hand in mid-September.
The Ageing 
Pineau des Charentes is aged only in barrels, an essential factor in the quality of the ageing process. This stage greatly improves the quality over time.
The old chais or storehouses of our ancestors are cool thanks to their thick walls and away from the light. Chance plays no part in ageing Pineau des Charentes. Patience enables our Pineaux to blend wondefully with the eau-de-vie of Grande Champagne, but it takes time. Patience, there is no point in rushing.
This know-how is passzd on from generation to generation, grandfather, father and daughter.


Pineau des Charentes will be blended before it's sold to avoid any variations in quality. We produce the blend ourselves, using the secrets passed down by my ancestors... We take care to assemble different years of our product in order to offer the best of each, while respecting the quality that you already know.


Thus we are able to offer you eight different Pineaux des charentes : Pineau Blanc and Rose, Old Pineau Blanc and Rose, Extra-Old Pineau Blanc and Rose, Very Rare Extra Old Pineau "Exception" Rose, and  Very Rare Extra Old Pineau "Exception" Blanc (gold).



If you want to know more about Pineau des Charentes, please visit this web site



Our GUILLON- PAINTURAUD Pineaux characteristics:


White Pineau

Pineau BlancThe colour of our Pineau Blanc is brilliant with hints of straw yellow.

From the first nose, you will find the subtlety of the elegant marriage of the grape varieties selected on our family estate : the elegance of Ugni Bland and the roundness of Sémillon.

In the mouth, the attack soft with a touch of light acidity. The balance is round and floral. 

This white Pineau des Charentes, ideal as an aperitive, has been aged in oak barrels in our storehouse, and already shows notes of ageing. Nevertheless, it retains all its freshness.





The Old Pineau Blanc is a golden yellow colour with nuances of amber, hints of ageing oak.

The sensory taste is characteristic of old Pineau des Charentes. In Charente, the word "rancio" is used to define these notes of ageing, characterised by notes of dried fruit, specifically walnuts. It's the alchemy of the oak barrel and the balance of the Pineau which contribute to this delicate evolution.

Fine and spicy, ths Old white Pineau des Charentes  is rounded and well-balanced in the mouth. Thanks to its successful marriage with our Grande Champagne eau-de-vie, the old white Pineau rolls in the mouth thanks to its sugar and finesse. Our soil in Grande Champagne contributes to making this old Pineau long in the mouth.

It can be a wonderful accompaniment for your foie gras and your cheeses of character (Fourme d'Ambert, Roquefort, Comté or Sheep's cheese...)

Extra Vieux Blanc
The colour of this Extra Old Pineau Blanc  is brilliant with notes of intense honey, amber, and hints of orange.
No surprise in the nose as the long ageing revealed by the amber colour is confirmed by the characteristic "rancio" nose, a term used in Charente to symbolise ageing. The elegant subtlety of the notes of honey, figs and almonds and the intense perfumes of dried fruit leave an unforgettable roundness in the mouth...
Surprise your guests by serving this Extra Old White Pineau des Charentes with foie gras or your selection of cheeses of character.



This Extra Old Pineau Blanc Exception Or is made with Ugni Blanc and Sémillon grapes and has slowly aged in our chais over several decades.

Its colour is brilliant, with hints of copper and orange brown. Elegant legs slide gently on the side of the glass leaving you to imagine the concentration of this Extra Old White Pineau. The notes of candied fruit and dried figs dominate. A flavour of caramel reveals of very long successful marriage with the oak cask.
Round and balanced, this rare Pineau surprises through its aromatic complexity. The acidity balanced with the high sugar content gives it freshness. The persistance of its aromas confirms the origin of this very old Pineau des Charentes produced on our chalky soils in Grande Champagne.
It will go particularly well with foie gras, roquefort or a fruity cheese selected from the cheesemonger.
The Exception Or was selected in the Guide Hachette des vins 2017.



Rosé Pineau


Pineau Rosé


With its pink colour and hints of brick red, this Pineau des Charentes is a true Rosé : gentle maceration during its production has helped extract the colour of the chosen grape varieties.

Thanks to our know-how, the first gentle notes on your palate are floral and fruity : notes of fresh red fruit, wild strawberries, raspeberries...

The red grape grape varieties express themselves fully to give this Pineau des Charentes its fruity character thanks to Cabernet Franc and the velvet smoothness of the Merlot. 

This fresh and elegant Pineau Rosé will often please the Ladies thanks to its round fruitiness.




Pineau Vieux Rosé

The colour of Old Pineau Rose is brilliant with hints of red tiles, orange and red.

This Old Pineau des Charentes is rosé, the result of careful maceration and marks our identity of our profession. The fruity notes have evolved towards the subtle notes of grandmother's jellied red fruits... notes of griotte cherry fill your palate, the roundness and balance of this Pineau make it perfect match for your favorite dessert : chocolate mousse, tarte tatin, praline tart.

Use your imagination to marry it with the dish of your choice... But don't forget to enjoy it !




Pineau Rose is appreciated for its fruity notes but after ageing in oak barrels, these notes give way to more woody taste.

As Charentes winegrowers, we use the term "rancio" to characterise this delicious marriage of fruit and wood.

For the Extra Old Pineau Rosé these aromas have evolved towards stone fruit, morelle cherries, prunes...

This Pineau des Charentes is very round in the mouth and envelops your palate with softness and fruit flavours. It's of course your companion as an aperitive but don't forget to try it with dessert, chocolate...




This very rare Extra Old Pineau Exception Rosé, the jewel in our range, has a reddish orange hue.

This Pineau Rosé is made with Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties. It has notes of fruit and is lightly wooded. The very long ageing of this Extra Old Pineau is marked by a very strong concentration of this gentle marriage : extremely syrupy with notes of prunes, it will surprise you. It's intende for well-informed tastes. Its complexity in the mouth is such that it will make you forget everything you imagined about Pineau des Charentes.

It was acclaimed by Gault & Millau (spring 2014) during the tasting of 25 Pineau des Charentes; and named "Cuvée de rêve" (Dream blend).

This Pineau des Charentes Rose Exception was also selected by the Guide Hachette des Vins 2015 and 2016 as Coup de Coeur (Judges' Favourite) !

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