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Pineau des Charentes GUILLON-PAINTURAUD

Pineau des Charentes Vieux Blanc

Pineau des Charentes Vieux Blanc

The colour of our Vieux Pineau Blanc (old Pineau) is a golden yellow with nuances of amber.

The sensorious notes are charecteristic of Vieux Pineau des Charentes. In France we speak of 'rancio' to define the notes of ageing charecterised by notes of dry fruits and more precisely of nuts.Itis the alchemy of the wooden barrels and the balance of the Pineau wich contributes to this delicate evolution.

Fine and spicey this Vieux Pineau Blanc is rounded and well balanced in the mouth.

Thanks to the expression of it's marriage with our eau-de-vie of Grande Champagne, this Pineau Blanc roles in the mouth thanks to it's suger and finess. Our soil of Grande Champagne contributes to this. Vieux Pineau Blanc which can, by the way, accompany wonderfully your foie gras and cheese of character (fourme d'Amber, Roquefort, Old Comté or sheep cheese...).

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