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Pineau des Charentes GUILLON-PAINTURAUD

Exception Or Très vieux Pineau Blanc 50cl

Exception Or Très vieux Pineau Blanc 50cl

Coming from the Ugni-Blanc and Semillon grapes this Extra Vieux Pineau Blanc Exception Or has, over many decades, had a long ageing in our Chais.

The colour is brilliant coppercoloured of a browny orange. Of elegant legs glistening softly on the face of the glass, leaving you to imaginate the concentration of this very old Pineau Blanc. The notes of dried fruits and dried figs dominate. A caramelised taste reveals a very long successful marriage with a barrel of oak. Rounded and balanced, this rare very old Pineau takes on an aromatic complexity. The balanced acidity with the content of higher sugar level gives it the freshness. The persistance of it's aromas confirm the origine of this very old Pineau des Charentes, produces from our chalky soils of Grande Champagne.

It will accompany, wonderfully, a foie gras, a roquefort or any fruity selection of cheese...

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