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Cognac Grande Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac GUILLON

Cognac Hors Age 70cl

Cognac Hors Age 70cl
The name of our Cognac Hors d'Age is not a name by chance. Our patience to age this product for a very long time refers back to the previous generation and has been exploited by us over many long years. Such ageing produces 'the Angel Share', a fungus which blackens building in the area...
Hors d'Age is soft and light with 'notes' of cristalised fruits resulting from the long ageing, leaving in the mouth an unforgetable memory and the presence of oak wood is obvious. Hors d'Age exists in 2 presentations but the Cognac remain the same, only the bottle changes: here in 70 cl bottle (the traditional one).
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